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Ready for the restart Webinar list

Preparing the mind is as important as preparing the body. Stuart’s session will consider the psychology that can affect performance on the pitch and introduce a simple model to make improvements in this area. 

It will focus on the psychological impact that lockdown will have had on referees and players. 


4th May @7 p.m

Former Premier League referee Lee was side-lined for many months with a horrific back injury. He worked incredibly hard to return to the game, achieving that and officiating over the FA Cup final. 

In this session, Lee will share tips on dealing with returning to the pitch after a long lay-off and what to be aware of. 

In this session Lee will share tips on dealing with returning to the pitch after a long lay off and what to be aware of.

6th May @7 p.m

Richard is a former marine who was also Head of Nutrition at Arsenal FC under Arsene Wenger.  

In this session, he will consider manageable changes officials can make to their day-to-day diets that will enable real performance improvements on the field. 

11th May @7 p.m

Daniel is Head of Referee Development at the FA and a qualified linesman.

His session will focus on the law changes that have come into place since the first lockdown was started in March 2020. It’ll ensure that referees hit the pitch armed with the correct information.

13 May @ 7 p.m

Gary is the former England and Arsenal Head Physio and now runs a Physiotherapy consultancy. 

This session will focus on what referees can do to both prevent and manage injury during those first few weeks of the restart. It’ll give manageable exercises and stretches that every official can do over the next couple of months. 

18th May @8 p.m

In February 2012, Rhianne lost both her child and husband within week. She was crushed and battled depression and grief for many months. She went on to set up a charity, which aimed to give support to grieving parents and started to make a huge difference, culminating in Rhianne winning a Pride of Britain Award this year. 

This session will focus on Rhianne’s story and think about turning terrible situations around. 

20th May @7 p.m

Graeme is the Head of Nutrition for the England Rugby team, European Golf Tour and the European Ryder Cup team. He is also Deputy Chair of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register. 

This is the second in our nutrition series and will focus on how to take your feeling to the next level and improve on-the-field performance into the new season. 


25th May @7 p.m

David is a former Premier League and International player who played for almost two decades at the top level in the UK. 

In this session, David will talk about refereeing from a player’s point of view. What do players need from a referee?  And how can we communicate clearly with them? He’ll discuss how officials can ensure players feel at ease during these difficult times. 

27 May @7 p.m

John is a Strength and Conditioning coach for elite athletes and referees in Northern Ireland, having graduated with a Masters Degree in the subject. 

The lockdown has been difficult for everyone on a physical level and this session will focus on top tips and drills for getting back to match fitness. 

1 June @7 p.m

This is Stuart’s second webinar in the Return to Play series. 

The lack of training on the pitch has resulted in many referees suffering from a real confidence loss. This session will show how an official can use visualisation techniques to help improve confidence and feel fully ready for their first game back! 

03 June @7 p.m

Rob is a current Premier League Referee who came back to the game after the first lockdown.

In this session he will share what he learnt about officiating after lockdown and share some top professional tips.

8 June @7 p.m

Commonwealth Games triathlete Chris Silver was hit down by COVID in early 2020. He went on to suffer the devastating effects of long COVID for many months before eventually returning to work and training. 

In this session, he’ll discuss how officials can negate the effects of COVID, what athletes should be aware of, and share his own story. 

10 June @7 p.m

This session will provide the very latest information from different associations about what is expected of the match official in a post-lockdown environment. What are players and spectators allowed to do? What are the pre and post match expectations? 

A must for officials before they take their first game. 

15th June @7 p.m

Chris is a Commonwealth games triathlete who is head of the organisation Wellbeing First.

In this session he will share practical tips with officials around improving their wellbeing post lockdown and pre kick off!

17th June @7 p.m


The Global Covid pandemic has been an incredibly hard time for all of us. People have struggled with their mental and physical health and the impending return to normality is also creating a wave of anxiety. 

Sport officials are no different! That’s why we have created the ‘Ready for the Restart’ training programme which aims to improve officials’ mental and physical health, as well as give a range of on the pitch advice and learning.

We have a range of incredible speakers – from former and current Premier League referees to Commonwealth Games athletes and published Psychologists. Experts who worked under Arsene Wenger to current Heads of nutrition for the Ryder Cup team and finally the FAs Head of Referee Development and Englands former Head Physio.

All for nothing!

Who is the pathway for?

Any officials that will be returning to play once Covid restrictions are lifted.

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