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About Us

Find out who is behind Whistle Academy and how their experience can benefit you

About us

Whistle Academy has been created by eCoach, global leaders in online referee education.

eCoach work with National Governing Bodies and Football Associations across the world to provide referees with online training.

In 2016, eCoach developed and launched the world’s first ever online training pathway for referees and to date over. 3000 referees have taken our courses

Why join Whistle Academy?


Weekly webinars delivered by some of the top sporting professionals in world officiating

Video Tutorials

Watch various video tutorials on a range of subjects curated by experts

Social Areas

Chat and share thoughts with fellow officials in groups and forums

Certificated online courses

Make the most of our refresher courses as well as courses on a range of topics, from nutrition to injury prevention

App integration

Coming Soon! - Access all this amazing content via Whistle Academy's App

Referee News

Read the latest news from the world of refereeing.