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Video section 1

Blow Your Whistle

This section places you in the position of the match official. It includes a range of match footage, with a question set. 

You can watch the footage consider the question and then click on the video to reveal the outcome.

All answers are written by a FIFA qualified Referee

Video section 2

Expert Videos

In this section you’ll find videos from our experts on a range of topics. These might be range from nutrition to fitness and perhaps injury prevention

They tend to be a little longer than the other videos and offer real expert input, helping you make better decisions

Video section 3

Ref Tube

In this section you will find hundreds of bite-size videos from experts that cover a range of topics.

They tend to be a lot shorter than the videos in the Expert area and are focused on a small topic or theme.

An excellent resource if you want to brush up on a certain topic quickly.